Reference Horses

S.D. Da Vinci N’Co.
Wooley Mammoth x S.D. April
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Mr. Biker Conners N’Co.
Young Henry Conners x Mickey Conners Good Heavy Mare
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Westmoreland Lottery Roulette
The Lottery Horse x Westmoreland Tic Tac

G.E. Quinntessa N’Co.
GE Anthony’s Quinn x GE Ebony

SRS Queens Summer Breeze N’Co.
The Lottery Horse x Westmoreland Tic Tac

In A Tizzy N’Co.
Clononeen Mull Of Kintyre x Clononeen Grianne

N’Co. The Front Cover Story
The Headliner x Dreamcatcher


N’Co. Fascination
Chester x Into The Night N’Co.

Gypsy Elite Ebony
The Producer x unknown

Gypsy Elite Anthony’s Quinn
Tidd x The Quality mare

The Gypsy King X Imari

The Headliner
Bob the Blagdon x Hairy Mary
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Mickey Conner’s Good Heavy Mare

Bob the Blagdon



Clononeen’s Mull of Kintyre

Westmoreland Tic Tac
Dam of Westmoreland Lottery’s Roulette N’Co.

Hairy Mary


The Po Stallion

Westmoreland Tootsie Roll

Clononeen Grianne

Westmoreland Dazzling Bobby

Gypsy King

Into the Night N’Co